Top 10 Breakdown Reasons

If at all possible it’s wise to make as much effort as possible to avoid breakdowns.

So we have made a list of the most common breakdown call outs and what you can do to prevent them.

Car being pulled onto recovery lorry in Belfast

Flat or faulty battery

Battery faults are a very common cause of breakdown call outs. Sometimes if you are only driving short distances every day the battery doesn’t get a chance to properly charge. You can sort this out by charging it overnight, every 2 weeks or so. That way, you’ll be able to keep it running longer

Sometimes the battery terminals can get corroded and work loose which will cause problems so it’s wise to make sure the terminals  are clean and as tight as a ducks ass on a cold pond. 

Lost keys

Another popular breakdown call out.

Firstly, make sure to have a spare key at home, it’s no use in the glove compartment!

If you need a replacement key you will need to contact an authorised dealer who will arrange a key.

Alternator faults

Associated with battery problems sometimes you have to identify if it’s the battery or alternator.

It’s easy for a garage to check the battery status and alternator so they should be checked at service time.

If your warning light comes on and the engine temperature rises quickly, the belt that drives the alternator and water pump could have broken. This is quite common and be a serious problem. Stop right away and give us a call NUMBER . Do not restart your engine!

Damaged tyres and wheels

We experience a lot of call outs in instances where there has been a blow-out.

Make sure to not only check your tyre tread regularly but also look out for any lumps or swells in the tyre as this indicates the tyre has failed and is a liability.

If you’ve struck a kerb or pothole, check for any damage to your wheels or rims and speak to a specialist tyre dealer as soon as possible if there is any damage.

If you need to change a tyre read our guide.

Fuel problems

This happens a lot more than people think, whatever you do don’t start your engine as it will cause a lot of damage, read our guide  on what to do.


If you feel your clutch feeling different, if it feels like it’s taking longer to take a bite its prudent to take to your local garage and get it checked. If you are on the road and it breaks, meaning you can’t put it in gear give us a call and we can assist you NUMBER

Starter motor

Although starter motors are usually tough and robust and are built to last 1000’s of starts they do eventually fail.

A regular service will identify any faults before they cause you any problems.

Regardless of the reason we will be able to provide prompt assistance.

Call FREE on:

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Recovering A Car East Belfast

Give us a call and we will try and help you out.


If you have been in an accident we can help you out but first, read our guide on what to do

Roadside Breakdown

We can be with you shortly, the important thing is to make sure you are safe so start with our guide

Home Assistance

All too often we experience car problems at home, don't worry we can get you back on track.

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Kate | Belfast
Kate | Belfast
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Thank you so much for coming out so quickly, your mechanic was brilliant!
John  | Lisburn
John | Lisburn
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The only good part of the day was meeting your mechanic and the treatment we received from your company.
Sarah | Dundonald
Sarah | Dundonald
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Excellent speedy service, professional and friendly too. I needed my car moved in a hurry, found their website and gave them a call. They came out ASAP on a busy Friday night. Good price too. Highly recommended!!!
Elaine | Dunmurry
Elaine | Dunmurry
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Fast and efficient recovery service. I was given an ETA of 3+ hours elsewhere but this driver arrived within one hour! Very reasonably priced, many thanks!
Ryan | Belfast
Ryan | Belfast
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What a lifesaver! Was there within 20 minutes, really professional and efficient and I was back home safe and sound within no time. Highly recommend and very reasonably priced!
Dave | Belfast
Dave | Belfast
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My car broke down on the M2 and NI Car Recovery were there in 20 minutes! They brought my car to my local garage, what started off as stressful experience turned out ok.
Karen | Belfast
Karen | Belfast
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Leaving for work my car wouldn't start , I called NI Car Recovery who arrived quickly and got my day back on track.

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The rate we charge is based on the work required and we only charge what is absolutely necessary to get you back on your journey or transport to your garage or home. While we have seen competition charge much higher rates we keep our profit margins low so we can grow our customer database. As a family operated business we have the authority to give you the best quote. So, if you find a better quote out there, let us know and we'll try our best to beat it for you. We are fully insured unlike other recovery companies so please don’t ask us to quote against them.


We are priced to offer professional recovery assistance, you may be searching for cheap car recovery Belfast however its important the provider has insurance and fully trained drivers like us.

Just get in touch and we will provide you with a quote 

We can comprehensively cover the greater Belfast area with our fleet of recovery trucks within 30 minutes, we will advise you of times, costs and potential delays.

We have special recovery vehicles and professionally trained staff for every eventuality.

Yes we do, if you would like to try yourself we have written a thorough guide for how to change a tyre.

We are fully trained professional mechanics and if the car is repairable we will fix it, if not you can advise as to which garage or destination you want us to transport the car to. 

Yes are are fully insured and accredited. The majority of professional recovery companies have insurance, we would advise to avoid those without even if they appear cheaper.


We provide recovery for any eventuality including motorways, country roads everywhere in between.

A lot of our call outs are to people’s homes for flat batteries, flat tyres, non starts etc….

Yes we can, this is a common mistake and we can help get you back on the road in no time!

Yes we can help, flat batteries are very common especially in the colder months, we will have the car started and you back on track in no time!

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